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Benita JonesGood God ( MP3, Video & Lyrics )

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Good God Lyrics by Benita Jones

Benita Jones Good God Lyrics:
You are the healer of the brokenhearted
You are the mender when we’re torn apart
You are the light that brightens up the darkness
We see clearly who You are

Good God
Good God
You’re a good God

You’re not afraid of all the fears that shake me
You fought the battle and gave me the win
You hold my future so my past can’t break me
I’m so glad I’m in Your hands

It’s Your love alone that leaves me speechless
I still remember when You called my name
Far beyond the guilt and shame it reaches
I know I’ll never be the same

You’re a good God
Good God

Father, Healer, Redeemer
Good God
Creator, Savior, Defender
Good God

You never change
You’ve always been
You’ll always be
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